Highly Implausible That Chris Manfredonia Is The Man From Woods In Camo Pants And Black Jacket

Highly Implausible That Chris Manfredonia Is The Man From Woods In Camo Pants And Black Jacket


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This is my take on who the guy is that they pulled out of the woods in handcuffs who was fitting the shooter's description.

Newtown Conspiracy Theories, Debunked

Police Walked A Man In Camo Pants And Dark Jacket Out Of Woods: Newtown Connecticut School Shooting

Bizarre Glitch During Q&A At The 8am Press Conference (12/15) :Newtown Connecticut School Shooting

Implicitly sole Manfredonia reference in the media is in this article - Gunman kills 20 kids, 6 adults at Connecticut elementary school

Christopher Rodia was another man that was detained at the school.
(People are saying he was pulled over on an unrelated incident somewhere other than the school. I have not confirmed this)

Another Suspected Party At Sandy Hook That Was Detained At The Scene And Checked Out

A few articles that give reference to Manfredonia, but give contain little information other than confirming that he is an athletic director at a nearby school and that his daughter goes to Sandy Hook.

Pickens' Perspective: Sports community tries to cope with Newtown tragedy

George Albano column: Tragedy in Newtown has hit home


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