The Matrix Behind The Matrix

The Matrix Behind The Matrix

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7 months
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00:00:00 Intro
00:08:24 Homicide
00:14:22 Infanticide
00:19:11 Suicide
00:22:12 Life Expectancy and Health
00:29:12 Homelessness
00:30:24 Rp
00:47:44 The Red Pill
01:01:47 Beyond Labels
01:11:00 Future of Prisons
01:15:35 Political Impact
01:24:52 Banking on the Numbers
01:32:02 Birthrates and Automation

Note: For future reference, I do not need everyone messaging me, to tell me that the a video is unavailable... I already know ok... Furthermore, until Bitchute actually supports HD content, they are not a viable platform. I consider them a secondary backup service only. The video will be up when it is up. Bugging me to re-upload to Bitchute does not help the situation. Be forewarned, if a future video gets a copyright strike, and you (along with a hundred other people) start nagging me to re-upload, I'm probably just going to block you.


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