James Holmes interview 7/30/14 with psychiatrist - Interview 1 of 5

James Holmes interview 7/30/14 with psychiatrist - Interview 1 of 5


7 months
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Interview 1 - 7/30/14: https://youtu.be/FpqZPuH2bcw
In the following interview with James Holmes, the psychiatrist asks James background questions about himself, family, friends, work, school, video games, past relationships, hobbies, interests, religion, his time as a camp counselor, social interaction and social anxiety, nightmares, depression, violent thoughts, mental illness and some activities before the shooting.

Interview 2 - 7/31/14: https://youtu.be/elzwjB_QCdI
The following interview the psychiatrist and James discuss James' depression, suicidal thoughts, self-mutilation, shyness/anxiety.
Speaking with therapists in the past and family members with mental illness. Thoughts of a future he could of had (pre-shooting). Past relationships (friends and girlfriends). Music TV and video game interests. Shopping for weapons and tactical gear online and the escalating thoughts of murder. The psychiatrist shows James pics of himself and asks what he thinks about him in a 3rd person perspective.
After lunch 2:29:52 The content of James' apartment, including, weapons, explosives, transmitters, booby traps, ammunition, and his knowledge of everything found. James gives his reasoning and thoughts behind wanting to kill so many people and details leading up to the shooting and the shooting itself. Activities James' would do when hanging out with friends. How James practiced shooting guns. His pets passing away.
How he felt before during and after the shooting and thoughts of suicide after the shooting.

Interview 3 - 8/1/14: https://youtu.be/j-jrum10ttc
The following interview the psychiatrist asks James about the contents of his notebook and previous sessions with other psychiatrists. His thoughts of the value of lives. Feelings of paranoia that he was being watched. Physical and mental ailments James diagnosed himself with along with seeing shadows. Contents of his cell (drawings & letters). Thoughts of killing from an early age. How he felt like a burden to his family at an early age. His hatred of mankind. Regrets about carrying out "the mission". Medications he is currently taking and their effects. Discusses how he will be remembered. Social media accounts (or lack of) including dating sites and other websites. Friends of James.
Lunch: 2:40:18 The majority of this session is about the details leading up the actual shooting itself and the events following the shooting.

Interview 4 - 8/27/14: https://youtu.be/xrDJwUyNthE
This interview starts with some quick formalities followed by James talking about his prison living lifestyle. Some of James' talents and past work history. James philosophical writings he wrote in his cell. Relationships with peers. Activities during the time he was in school leading up to the shooting. The psychiatrist goes over some of James' writings, thoughts and philosophies on life. A fantasy about being killed by fellow inmates. Dark conversations he had in the past with friends. Feelings of being watched. Interaction with fellow inmates and feeling like an outcast with family members while incarcerated. More discussion about the contents of his notebooks and discusses his hatred for mankind.

Interview 5- 8/28/14: https://youtu.be/zQC0uf5fvOc
In this interview, Dr. Reid touches upon various things covered in the previous interviews. They discuss James being "possessed and evil", the "value" of human lives and wanting to spare children lives. James' fangirls and online dating profiles. James' reasons for carrying out the "mission" and how he felt his previous therapy wasn't working. James' relationship with his family. Additional details of the shooting and his feelings after completing the "mission". His appearance and how he will be remembered and some events following his arrest.

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