The Autism Epidemic

The Autism Epidemic


4 months
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CDC Whistleblower Dr William Thompson releases EXPLOSIVE evidence that the CDC committed fraud and covered up their data relating to the risks of autism from vaccines!

Vaccine ingredients and the complete deterioration of mercury on the brain, risks heightened when combined with testosterone!

How the CDC has a conflict of interest and the government colludes with big pharmaceutical companies to protect them against vaccine injury liability.

The exponential growth of autism into the worst epidemic in history which will effect 1 in 2 children by 2032!

0:05 Voice of Dr William Thompson
0:21 Trace Amounts trailer
2:18 History of Autism
3:53 Robert F. Kennedy discusses epidemic
5:43 Early Signs of Autism
6:58 Triplets Get Autism after Vaccines
10:59 Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe trailer
13:38 What is in Vaccines?
16:27 Mercury's Impact
25:20 How Successful are Vaccines?
26:34 1986 National Childhood Injury Vaccine Act
29:35 Do Vaccines Cause Autism?
34:17 Dr Andy Wakefield
36:28 Dr Brian Hooker gets Dr William Thompson confession
39:39 Dr Stephanie Seneff
42:08 Vaccines not tested like Pharmaceutical Drugs
43:16 Black Boys at a Higher Risk
43:21 Bill Gates Philanthropy and African Devastation
47:39 Was No Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed Children Study
48:15 Measles a 1 in 450,000 Chance
50:00 Results of Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed Study - Voice of Dr William Thompson - Trace Amounts trailer - Robert F. Kennedy - Early Signs of Autism - Triplets get Autism - Antidote interview with Vaxxed Producer and Director - Dr Andy Wakefield deals with allegations - History of Autism animation - Dr Stephanie Seneff - What is in Vaccines?

HTTP://IREPORT.CNN.COM/DOCS/DOC-1164794 Foundation_vaccine_experiments_human_guines_pigs.html

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