Alex Jones Busted Using Subliminal Submit To Fear  Confirms Fear Monger Status

Alex Jones Busted Using Subliminal "Submit To Fear" Confirms Fear Monger Status


3 months
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The Best Evidence of Earth's True History Jones uses a subliminal"submit to fear several times in his video Police State 4 video,view around 11:18 eg.) .See all my exposing of jones as a fear mongering shill Alex Jones = Anatomy of An Agent Provocateur Alex Jones Busted At Stratfor Alex Jones's "Star of David" Microphone -Confirms ZioShill Status Cointel Zio Connections- Humanswin vs Controlled Opposition My original Humanswin Credo on my channel for many years( Not now,as they "improved" all our channel designs!) : KNOWLEDGE IS WORTH MORE THAN GOLD-A FREE MIND CAN'T BE CONTROLLED - VICTORY'S FOR BRAVE BOLD-FOR EVIL NOW THE BELL IS TOLLED-OUR INNER STRENGTH THEY WILL BEHOLD-WATCH IT NOW ALL UNFOLD-THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD....Humans Win By By Standing Up To Injustice- Humans Win By Losing Their Fear- Humans Win By Researching The Truth Themselves- Humans Win By Opening Their Minds AND Then Their Mouths- Humans Win By Knowing We Are Great But Not The Greatest Power and We Shall Protecting Those that Are Unable To Do So,Be They Man Or Be They Animal-Humans Win By Respecting This Earth We All Live On But Knowing It Is Not Our Possession-Humans Win By Reaching Their Potential-Humanswin


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