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The Life of Adam (2016) - Independent Media Solidarity Production

The Life of Adam (2016) - Independent Media Solidarity Production


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The members of IMS (Independent Media Solidarity) are best known for their work on the groundbreaking documentary We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook. Fast Forward to over 3 years since the events at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown Connecticut captured the world’s attention. Perhaps not surprisingly the focus of IMS fell on the person allegedly responsible, Adam Lanza. While the family members of those allegedly slain continue to lobby for their individual causes – be they related to gun control, mental health reforms or attempting to restrict the limits of free speech – the average person had long since moved on. Not so for the members of Independent Media Solidarity.
The life of Adam Lanza is littered with anomalies, contradictions and apparent fictions. Attempts to retrieve further information on him and his life have been an effort in futility, more likely to uncover animosity, threats and harassment than any actual information. The Life of Adam was the work of many people. Many researchers contributed to the information it presents.
Description excerpted from Insanemedia article 1/4/2016:
Peter Klein aka TyrannyNewsNetwork (research contributor, co-producer, editor, writer, narrator, music creator & IMS Creator/Member):
MrStosh (co-producer, writer & research contributor, IMS Member):
OKUltra (research contributor, IMS Member & Researcher):
Swan Song aka editor at Insanemedia (research contributor, Narrator, IMS Member):
Odinrok aka Midnight Lightening Radio (research contributor, IMS Member):
Toney Heart (research contributor, IMS Member):
Kate Slate (research contributor, IMS Member):
Intro Music by unfinishedsongs:
Musical Additions by Steve Shine:
Sheila Matthews. Co-Founder of AbleChild (research contributor, documentary contributor):
James F. Tracy PhD (research contributor, documentary contributor, IMS Member):
Sabrina Philips (research contributor, documentary contributor):
Tony Mead (research contributor, FOIA request, IMS Member):
Samantha Caine (FOIA request):
Independent Media Solidarity site under construction:


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