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Obama's Birth Certificate: 9 Points of Forgery

Obama's Birth Certificate: 9 Points of Forgery


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“If they had the power to do to us what we are able to do to them, not one of us would live for an hour. But since they lack the power to do this publicly, they remain our daily murderers and bloodthirsty foes in their hearts.” – Martin Luther (1483-1546): On The Jews and Their Lies: 9/11, p. 141,
• Marxist Jew Leon Trotsky Invented The Word ‘Racist’ In 1930s To Inspire White Genocide
• Orthodox Christian Bishop, Tsar Nicholas’ Death Was a Jewish ‘Ritual Murder'
• Jews’ Torture and Blood Sacrifice of an Infant Named Simon of Trent March 21st, 1475 AD
• Jewish Communist Leaders Murdered 135 MILLION People (1917-1991)
• Google Invested $375 Million Into Jared Kushner’s Brother’s A.I. Healthcare Group, Now Eric Schmidt In Control of Gov’t AI Security
• Jewish President Eisenhower Creates DARPA Which Creates Social Media Weapon ‘LifeLog’ Which Becomes Facebook
• Why Jewish Freemason President FDR Kept Impending Attack on Pearl Harbor Secret
• PRESIDENT TRUMAN: 33 Degree Freemason and Father of The Jewish State of Israel
• Jewish Sackler Opioid Empire Founders Linked To JFK Assassination and White Genocide Program
• Google, Facebook Linked DARPA Seeks FAA Approval In Order To Kill Americans With Military Drones
• Jewish Kushner Companies to buy back Vornado’s stake in 666 Fifth Avenue
• Jewish Controlled Google’s Tax-Free $8.9 Billion Dollar Bermuda Post Box Number 666
• Jewish Rothschild Family’s Executive Order 666: Stock Market Plunge Globalist Signal To Trump?
• Jew Jared Kushner Lied On His Government Financial Disclosure Form, Omitting Ties To Globalist Jew George Soros
• Jewish Kabbalah (Zohar 1,25b) "Exterminate All Non-Jews"
• Israel's Close Relationship With Communist China
• Israel's Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's Internet Kill Switch
• Jewish Messiah (antichrist) Returns When The West Is Destroyed
• Why Jews Are Not The 'Chosen People'
• Jewish Ritual Murder of Christians:
• Jewish Controlled Disney Tattoos Cartoon Characters With Secret Pedophile Symbols?


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