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Hear the Silence (2003) - Best Video and Audio Combined

Hear the Silence (2003) - Best Video and Audio Combined


3 months
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There was no good version of this movie available online, so I took the best audio I could find (from a poor quality video with Hebrew subtitles) and matched it up with the best video I could find (from a BBC copy, with terrible audio).

Surprise surprise there were also some cuts from the censors.

One day perhaps this touching and informative drama will be available uncut on DVD. Let’s hope!

Some facts:

1. Dr Wakefield was not the only author of his controversial study, there were a dozen respected doctors and scientists on it, it’s just the rest of them all caved under pressure to retract it.

2. One of them had insurance that covered his legal costs and has now been vindicated in court - this is big as it means the entire case against Dr Wakefield is false.

3. Plenty of doctors are curing autism or at least reducing symptoms by treating vaccine damage. If your child has autism please look into that, and obviously look outside any doctor who is profiting from vaccines as they aren’t going to give you the full story.

4. Check out the vaccine injury groups on Facebook if you are in any doubt that vaccines are hurting kids every day. Maybe vaccines are worth the risks but how do we know if these injuries are not properly counted?

5. There’s no such thing as an ‘anti-vaxxer’, they are just people who witnessed vaccine damage and started asking questions.


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