Vicki Devil Worship - 1989 Oprah Winfrey Show Interview With A Jewish Woman

Vicki Devil Worship - 1989 Oprah Winfrey Show Interview With A Jewish Woman


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Note: Due to actions taken by the YouTube Community to remove the video "Satanic Ritual Sacrifice Exposed" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jTdc04ODU4, and giving us a community strike against this YouTube Channel ArthurLoveForLife, we have had to deny access for anyone to comment, just in case any previous comments were the reasons for them taking action. For more on this see "Darkness Visible Part Six": http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8563. We are all connected through the thread of nature that is impossible to sever unless we destroy everything including our lives and the lives of our ancestors and descendants. As much as we may wish it to be different, everything we think, feel and do affects all of life because we are ALL part of the wholeness of life. The threads that are nature/earth, our ancestors and descendants get affected by what we do to our bodies, to the bodies of others, to everything of life and all our descendants and children. We may think we are separated by our labels of Jew, Christian, Greek, French, Atheist or Agnostic but we can never sever the bonds that make us life. We are just unconscious of the effect we have on all of life because we are so distracted by all the thoughts of the "The System" that keep us locked in and fallen.

The intricate web of life that is nature and all that we see which binds us all in wholeness can only be severed by fantasy, illusion, delusion, fear & trauma. Satanism is this conditioning "practice" of separation enforced. To maintain a "state" of separation between us the Satanists "craft" belief systems & put in "practice" a "System" for us to perpetuate. All occults, esoterics, science, New Age, "Oneness", race, culture, creed, system-education, commerce, as documented across their recorded ages with remote Gods, Deities, Beings, Heavens, Hells, etc, that are the basis of all fantasy, illusion & delusion that have ever appeared, existed/exist ONLY to maintain MANS separation (fallen "state"). Satanism is all about worshiping fantasy, creating fairytales of individualism (in-divide-u-all-ism) that we fall into so that we can be ruled by the inventors of the fairytale. Using them as shields, Satanists hide behind all races, cultures, creeds & systems to use MAN (us).

Satanists in the higher orders are high priests, masters of remote control, remote viewing and remote thought projection. They project thoughts into the brains of men and women so that those men and women think they are thinking/creating their own thoughts. They place value and importance on those thoughts and act accordingly, whether going to church, wheeling and dealing in commerce or even going to war and killing for those thoughts. Satanists con us into giving our life to their thoughts so that we create their world in their image. This is how we become their slaves who labour for their dream-world.

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