The Awakening of the Germanic Spirit

The Awakening of the Germanic Spirit


1 year
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I created this short film because the Germanic history, culture, religion, its people and land are absolutely beautiful and stunning and I can say that I almost feel like home in every forest that looks Germanic.

The Germanic spirit has almost died, only a small minority of the Germanic people still have a burning fire deep inside their eyes which indicates a strong spirit full of passion, fury, courage, honor, discipline and steadfastness.

I want to reconnect more Germanic people back to their roots, that is the ultimate goal of this short film.


Here is a list with almost all of the sources that you can see and hear in the video. If I missed your content then please contact me (


View of Germany: Dr. Ludwig (Youtube)

Nature Scene: Semi:Free Creative (Youtube)

Nature Workout Scene: Calisthenics & Weight Training (Youtube)

Brotherhood Scene: The Golden One & Operation Werewolf (Youtube)

The Germanic Gods:

German Empire Around 1900: Dr. Ludwig (Youtube)


„Úlfhéðnar“ – Norse Viking Music

„Rachels Song“ – Vangelis

„Beyond the Stars“ – Per Kiilstofte

„Return of the Warlords“ – Manowar

„Lohengrin“ Prelude – Richard Wagner


This video is not against any people but for the Germanic people, advice and suggestions in this video can be applied by anyone.

Disclaimer: My opinions, views & values do not necessarily represent the opinions, views & values of the people commenting below my videos, posts or art.

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